Nitronic Rush


Survive at full speed in the city of Neon


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Nitronic Rush is a futuristic racing game where your objective is to survive as long as possible by making use of your vehicle's surprising abilities. You can activate turbo engines, a pair of wings to help you glide, and even perform special jumps, Mario Kart style.

The game's biggest inspiration is probably the Mega Race saga, or the classic Pod, futuristic racing games with an aesthetic that isn't nearly as incredible as the one featured here.

You have access to four different playing modes, including story mode, 'hardcore' and 'challenge' modes (for experienced players), and a fun acrobatic mode, where you can practice some of the awesome moves that you can use during races.

Although its gameplay is pure fun, the thing that really sells Nitronic Rush are its graphics. Visually, the game will remind you of Tron, with neon lights all over and bright colors flooding the screen. The car models may not be super detailed, but the overall look more than makes up for that.

Nitronic Rush is a fun, frenetic game that serves up a whopping dose of adrenaline in each race. You'll need to practice to get good, though, because the game is not very easy.
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